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Frontman Jimmy Zurek refers to the band's music style as Fake Detroit Punk.

Combining the sound of technoid electronic beats and real drums with impelling guitars and the voice of a punk-preacher the listeners of JIMMY AND THE CAR CASSETTES are propelled into a lavish party mood, confronted with political contents at the same time.

For their stage performance they dress in sleek white navy uniforms and polished black shoes or in khaki scout uniforms.

Jimmy Zurek's lyrics on the album "A White Shark Called Blues" handle topics like social imbalances and all forms of discrimination such as fascism, right wing radicalism, racism, sexism, classism, chauvinism and homophobia. He reflects on these subjects in a brutal and sometimes humorous way, going against the zeitgeist of Western culture.

The British techno-producer Dave Tarrida produced the debut album A WHITE SHARK CALLED BLUES.

VIENNA WILDSTYLE RECORDINGS released the debut EP-single JIMMY AND THE CAR CASSETTES on 12" vinyl and digital in June 2013, produced by Sebastian Schlachter and Umberto Gollini, mixed and mastered Patrick Pulsinger (guitars by Bernd Vasari). The Japanese radio station Block FM Tokyo, already played JIMMY AND THE CAR CASSETTES on the occasion of their first concert on the 21 of March in the Vacant in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.


Songwriting by Jimmy Zurek

Produced by Dave Tarrida

Jimmy Zurek: vocals, fuzz-guitar, alto-saxophone, trumpet, harp

Wolfgang Möstl: guitars, bass on "Sex Beatles"

Daniel Aebi: drums

Christoph Streißnig: bass

Dave Tarrida: synthesizers

Martin Dibek: modular-synthesizer on "D", synthesizer bass on "Toys For Adults Only!"

Nomadee: background vocals

Janine Egger: background vocals on "Teen Steaks"

The band consists of frontman Jimmy Zurek (Santos' Fire, Madchen Amick): vocals, trumpet and alto saxophone, Wolfgang Möstl (Killed By 9 Volt Batteries, Sex Jams): guitars, Daniel "Booxy" Aebi: drums and Christoph Streißnig: bass. Songwriting and lyrics by Jimmy Zurek. Jimmy Zurek has English roots and Viennese blossoms.